A view of The Rosewood Room's pedicure space in downtown Huntsville

The Growth of The Rosewood Room Spa

The journey of The Rosewood Room began in 2022 when I opened the door of my spa on Main Street in my home town of Huntsville. Following my passion for helping others feel their best, I had always dreamed of creating a spa that offered a safe, comfortable, and truly relaxing haven where people could be themselves.

From the outset, my vision was to cultivate a relaxed, inviting atmosphere, dripping in pastel pink. Collaborating with my friends and community, I transformed this cozy space into the vibrant reality that is The Rosewood Room Spa today. As our clientele grew, so did our space. We added a second treatment room down the hall, accompanied by the welcoming presence of Chloe Gray, our first team member.

With an expanded treatment space and Chloe's expertise, we seamlessly transitioned into offering couples services and accommodating multiple clients simultaneously. A year later, Chantel joined our team, enabling us to extend our services to evenings and weekends, providing greater flexibility for our clients.

As The Rosewood Room Spa continued to flourish, our range of products and services expanded. This evolution propelled us forward once again, prompting the need for more space. The two treatment rooms that once sufficed were no longer enough for our growing venture!

So, with a lot of excitement, in December 2023 we took our next big step just down the hall to 51 Main Street East, Unit 2, just a few doors down from our previous space. Our new location has more room for treatments, and a beautiful view of downtown Huntsville.
Two new team members joined us in the winter and spring of 2024: nail technician and make-up artist Marlee, and lash, nail and waxing technician Jessica. We added new services and products to our lineup, and renovated a third treatment room so that we can welcome even more guests into our blossoming space.
So much has happened in the two years since we opened our doors! We're excited to see what the future holds for The Rosewood Room.
- Amanda Fleetham, owner and lead esthetician