Sun Care is Self Care

Sun Care is Self Care

Are you someone who only wears SPF when hitting the beach? GIRL, you need to be wearing that every day! With the season growing darker and colder, we are often tempted to skip the sunscreen. However, shielding your skin from the sun's UVA and UVB rays is crucial not just in the scorching summer months, but throughout the year, even in our snowy Muskoka winter months. The sun's reflection off snow can oftentimes intensify its effects. Protecting your skin should always be a part of your routine.

Our commitment at The Rosewood Room is to elevate your skincare experience. With FarmHouse Fresh and DermaQuest, you can expect cutting-edge products that are both protective and luxurious. Here are some of our faves:

From FarmHouse Fresh

Elevated Shade (SPF 30): a great choice for daily use, this sunscreen provides a shield against harmful UV rays with a velvety matte finish. Pampering and protective!

Bronze Fox Drops: Unveil a beachy glow without the negative effects of sun exposure. These drops can be mixed right into your daily moisturizer, sunscreen or foundation to add a gentle tint to your skin.

Ahhhsome Relief: After a long day in the sun, smooth on this whipped, cooling foam-to-oil mousse that brings immediate relief to parched and tight sun-kissed skin. We love keeping this one cool in the fridge for the ultimate relief.

From DermaQuest

SheerZinc SPF 30: This product is everything you could ever need in your sun care routine and more! It softens the signs of aging and counteracts the effects of previous sun exposure, all while protecting your skin with zinc oxide. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, perfect for wearing under your makeup. In addition to the sheer version, we also have tinted shades in Nude and Sunkissed.

Both DermaQuest and FarmHouse Fresh uphold the promise of superior sun protection without the white cast, allowing for seamless, everyday wear. With no known carcinogens in their products, these brands prioritize your skin's health and make you feel pampered at the same time. It’s more than just sunscreen; it’s a daily ritual to care for and protect your skin.

Elevate your everyday routine with the assurance of safe, effective, and enhancing SPF solutions that align with our dedication to your skin's well-being. Say hello to well-protected, glowing skin every day!