Primp & Polish Manicure

Primp & Polish Manicure

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45 Minutes

With our 45-minute Primp & Polish Manicure, your hands will be treated to a soothing soak, followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub, a repairing hand mask wrapped in warm towels and finished with a nourishing warm oil massage. Finally, your nails will be cleaned and polished to look their best.

Our Commitment to Wellness

Our mission is to help you look and feel like your natural, best self. And for us, that goes more than skin deep. We want to make sure the products we use and the services we provide are good for your body, good for your health and good for the planet. We work hard to search out the cleanest, most ethical products we can find and we always opt for treatments that are better for your body and the environment. 

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